First-Timer Alfie Stone Takes On Fat Dick

We hadn’t worked with Bruno Fox in ages so, when he got back in touch, we couldn’t wait to work with him again. We paired him up with first-timer Alfie Stone, a bottom who was eager to impress. In this scene, we’ve got him coming in as if he were interviewing for a position. Luckily, Bruno has just the position for him. We think you’ll enjoy it. Goodness knows Alfie did! He struggled to take Bruno’s girthy dick; at first. But after a while, with a bit of pulling away and a lot of groaning, Bruno managed to pull him back in, skewer the lad to the hilt with his fat prick, and impale him. Alfie’s ass muscles eventually relaxed around the thick, curved piece and he rode it like a bronco, pushing back against Bruno as the hung bull pounded the juicy fuckhole.

How To Stuff A Turkey

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the States, we thought we’d bring you a bit of kitchen fun. Okay, so the title of the post is a bit of a misnomer. There are no turkeys here. And if you were looking for a recipe or instructions on “how-to” we suggest you move on to the Food Network. But if you’re all about big pieces of meat, stuffing tight cavities, and scoffing down juicy meat — sounds like the gluttonous Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? — then you’ve come to the right place! Drake Jaden is in the kitchen having a snack, and probably contemplating how he’s going to cook for so many guests, when Matt Stevens comes along. Drake’s afternoon treat soon turns into an afternoon delight with the hairy, muscled, aggressive hunks kissing, jerking off, and swapping blowjobs. Matt soon has Drake on the kitchen counter, rimming his hole and lubing him with spit just as you might baste a turkey so it doesn’t dry out. Then it’s stuffing time! Of the best kind. Hard throbbing cock pounding tight masculine fuck hole. Trust us when we say this is better than a turducken; you know, the chicken in the duck, inside the turkey? But after getting fucked for a while, Drake and Matt flip for a mutually satisfying, cum basted experience. Gobble, gobble!

Cumming Back For More

When we filmed Adrian Toledo, he brought along David Pedroso. Now, David was there strictly to translate since Adrian didn’t understand much English. However, as filmed Adrian stripping down, we noticed the glint in David’s eyes. Based on that, we knew it would only be a matter of time before the handsome young man came back for more. Flying solo, David is a first-timer and eager to please. He loves showing off his stiff uncut dick, delicious foreskin and hairy hole. As it happens, he’s a horny versatile who loves getting his legs up in the air just as much as he enjoys throttling a bottom with a tight ass. And since David claims to be good at rimming, we can’t wait to bring him back for a duo! Preferably one where we get to see that tight, hairy rosebud smashed wide open and gaping with a fat, veiny cock sticking out of it.

Bear-Licious Daddies Bo Bangor and Jake Marshall

Bear-licious daddies Bo Bangor and Jake Marshall are in the pool, sharing a lover’s kiss. But it’s a rainy summer’s day in paradise and when the rain starts to fall, you’d think they’d get out of the pool. However, these two know it’s just a passing front. As they kiss and caress, the sun bursts through the clouds. The action gets even steamier as they trade blowjobs, rim each other, and burly muscle bear Bo gives up his hairy hole for his Silver Daddy to make good use of. And he does! Jake’s talented tongue and rock hard cock loosen up Bo as the pound their way to mutual orgasm and ease into a slow, warm afternoon.

Dolan Wolf, Marc Angelo, And The Violet Wand

Nasty, hairy and totally piggy. That’s Marc Angelo and that’s just the way we like him. Now, add Dolan Wolf to the mix and you know there’s going to be some twisted, perverted edge play; especially since Dolan’s brought his violet wand! Poor Marc Angelo doesn’t know what’s hit him. Normally the dominant, alpha top, Marc is chained up, his body at Dolan’s disposal. The bearded, booted otter tortures Marc’s nipples, teases his hairy hole open and plunges his fat, uncut cock right up to the balls in the muscle bear’s ravenous fuck-hole. Big daddy Marc might not as cocky with hairy Dolan fucking his hole but he does enjoy every moment of their session! So if big, burly, masculine men decked out in leather is your thing, or whether you’re curious about electro stim, grab hold of your favorite lube, whip your dick out, and start stroking!