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Release Date: Mar 24, 2015
Title: Wolf Rayet & Giorgio Arsenale
OOOh daddy, they're cooking up a meaty, spicy dish in Giorgio's Italian kitchen. We know you like those long, juicy, likeable, flickable...
Release Date: Mar 17, 2015
Title: Iago Torres & Nick Spears
You know we luv a first timer, especially when he's a big, broad, BIG dicked daddy who's been waiting to show off the goods, Iago Torres...
Release Date: Mar 10, 2015
Title: Hugo Arias & Stephan Raw
Long, lean and hung - Hugo Arias is pitted against ripped, handsome, fat-cocked Stephan raw. Its a totally raw, uninhibited, bareback fuck...
Release Date: Mar 3, 2015
Title: Michel Rudin & Luke Tyler
Stunning new comer - Luke Tyler wanted a hairy, big-dick daddy for his first shoot - '' the hairier the better'' and with Michel Rudin in...

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Release Date: Apr 7, 2015   Title: Benji


KLUNK - THUD, thats me fainting, for the cutest, sexiest guy we've shot in ages. I kinda always thought i'd like those big, burly, hairy dominant tops but this guy is just so sweet, shy and sexy, instant 'falling in lust/luv' material. Benji is a hairy, totally masculine young man AND the cream on this tasty beef cake = he has a thing for old, pale, big-bellied white guys, 45 plus WOW, This heavy cummer, pale-eyed, hairy, sexy hottie is an ''old-and-chubby'' chaser, so we're not just shooting a scorching hot, fucking adorable guy we're also proving 'there is a god'. Sit back gents and lose yourselves in the pale, dazzling eyes, toned, tanned skin, rock hard throbbing cock and utterly winning, sexy manner of - Benji. (Yep total crush on this guy - if you're wondering)


Jake Bolton
Drake Jaden
Kris Irons
Samuel Colt


Release Date: Jan 30, 2010   Title: Bukkake!

Featuring: Ben Statham

This gay bukkake scene opens with Ben surrounded by six hairy, masculine men: Miles from Bathtub Jack Off, Drake from Outdoor Jack Off, Thierry from Text Me, Fuck Me, Marco de Brute from Dildo Fucking, Jake Marcs from Dildo Fucking, and Will Kane who is new to Butch Dixon. Each hairy hunk takes his turn with Ben's hot mouth. I'm up on a ladder filming from above the men and my partner is shooting from the floor; so you've got lots of hot angles to get you revved up. I kept the scene quietly. I didn't want a lot of "oh yeah, suck his cock" kind of stuff because after a while it becomes monotonous. But you'll hear lots of heavy breathing, which is really hot. And the ladder angle gives lots of views of the mens' feet and I find this particularly erotic.The cumshot scene is fantastic as Ben takes one big creamy load after another. Drake's is especially nice as his balls send huge ropey jets across Ben's face and chest. Marco de Brute's cumshot has to be the best with giant snot-like gobs of cum landing all over Ben's face. It's so thick and I love the way it clings to Ben's nose and cheeks. Gay Bukkake has got to be hands down one of the hottest videos I've ever made. I hope you like it.