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Release Date: Oct 20, 2014

Featuring: Bo Bangor

Bo Bangor, the muscle bear with the mohawk and the tattooed torso is back! This time he's hanging out at the pool with a gorgeous, beefy, silver daddy, Sean Travis. These burly studs take turns bareback fucking each other in the hot Florida sun. For the grand finale, Sean shoots his creamy cum load on Bo's big round muscle butt and then stuff it up Bo's ass as he continues to shoot.


Release Date: Oct 20, 2014
Title: Bo Bangor & Sean Travis
Bo Bangor, the muscle bear with the mohawk and the tattooed torso is back! This time he's hanging out at the pool with a gorgeous, beefy,...
Release Date: Oct 13, 2014
Title: Adam Russo & Luca
Another first time barebacker blows his virgin load up a hot, tight hole. Luca is only 21 and its his first porn shoot, he's eager to...
Release Date: Oct 6, 2014
Title: Letterio & Toffic
Stunning Letterio and real-life lover Toffic fuck and suck up a bareback storm of filth. Letterio lured this cutie in for the shoot - and...
Release Date: Sep 29, 2014
Title: Sam Porter & Del James
Del James and Sam Porter provide big, (really big) uncut cocks and tight, raw holes. Sam Porter couldn't wait to get down and suckle on...

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Harley Everett
Samuel Colt
Kris Irons
Jake Bolton


Release Date: Jan 30, 2010   Title: Bukkake!

Featuring: Ben Statham

This gay bukkake scene opens with Ben surrounded by six hairy, masculine men: Miles from Bathtub Jack Off, Drake from Outdoor Jack Off, Thierry from Text Me, Fuck Me, Marco de Brute from Dildo Fucking, Jake Marcs from Dildo Fucking, and Will Kane who is new to Butch Dixon. Each hairy hunk takes his turn with Ben's hot mouth. I'm up on a ladder filming from above the men and my partner is shooting from the floor; so you've got lots of hot angles to get you revved up. I kept the scene quietly. I didn't want a lot of "oh yeah, suck his cock" kind of stuff because after a while it becomes monotonous. But you'll hear lots of heavy breathing, which is really hot. And the ladder angle gives lots of views of the mens' feet and I find this particularly erotic.The cumshot scene is fantastic as Ben takes one big creamy load after another. Drake's is especially nice as his balls send huge ropey jets across Ben's face and chest. Marco de Brute's cumshot has to be the best with giant snot-like gobs of cum landing all over Ben's face. It's so thick and I love the way it clings to Ben's nose and cheeks. Gay Bukkake has got to be hands down one of the hottest videos I've ever made. I hope you like it.