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Trent Tarzan & Nick Vargas

Duration: 21:52 min | Released: December 26, 2017

Lets have a warm hand and a hot pair of lips - for Trent Tarzan, a solid slab of handsome, beefy hunk, making his debut and this uncircumcised stud is raring to go as lucky, sexy, young bottom - Nick Vargas is about to find out. Nick is stretched out in every position getting as much of that throbbing dick down his throat as he possibly can and sexy Trent is no slouch when it comes to sucking, stiff uncut dicks. These lads get their fill and when they're cocks are good, stiff and dripping with pre cum its time for Nick to brace himself and get ready for a good hard dicking. Trent's a solid piece of man who slams that dick in right up to his aching bollocks, he knocks the wind out of, and the ecstasy into his eager sub lad, as Nick moans with pleasure, having to let go of his dick as he feels it ready to blow, OH NO SONNY, not until we've seen that juicy, tasty hole reduced to a gaping, aching mess! 


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