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Albert Victor

Duration: 13:14 min | Released: March 29, 2009

I met Albert Victor in his hotel room. He greeted me at the door and he was completely naked. Nothing like getting right down to business! He's a sexy, mature hairy man, and I was immediately struct by his full, dark beard. He invited me into his suite, which gave me a good at his beefy ass as he led me inside. Albert swaggers around the room with his meaty cock swinging between his legs. While I'm getting my camera set up, we chat a little. When I'm finally ready Albert lies back on the king-sized bed and starts working his uncut cock, which is already rock hard. It sure doesn't take much to get some hairy men revved up. Albert looks gorgeous sprawled all over that bed ? solid and husky body with huge furry pecs and hairy belly, and his banana-curved cock primed and ready for a pulling session. Albert eases back his foreskin, smears a gob of spit of the head of his cock, and then pulls his foreskin back over his cock. He tugs on his foreskin and massages his spit around his sensitive crown. This mature hairy man loves his nipples and plays with them throughout the video shoot. When he's in the last few minutes of his jack off session he's working his uncut cock with one hand and tweaking his nipple with the other. And when he's finally ready to shoot, he lets out a few grunts, and then, spews a deliciously creamy load all over his hairy belly. Albert shoots a healthy load and my video editor gives you several repeats from various angles ? you're going to love this one.

Cast: Albert Victor

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