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Duration: 19 min 56 sec min | Released: February 13, 2009

Dolan is a beefy, hairy man who I debuted here on Butch Dixon a couple of weeks ago in a photo gallery called Dildo Fucking. And this week I'm bringing you the video of that session. Dolan comes from Irish stock and he's a tall, strapping man who looks great in leather. Dolan lives in London, England and, until six months ago, was in a relationship. And while he's open to settling down with another boyfriend, he thinks he'll be single for a while, playing catch-up, as it were. During Dolan's on-camera interview, he tells us about a very public sexual experience at London's Hoist bar. He says that men looking to misbehave in the fetish club usually head to the back of the bar. But one night, our dirty hairy man Dolan was feeling particularly nasty, so he went down on a guy right there at the bar. After sucking the man's cock for a while, Dolan got to his feet, thinking he was done, but his newfound buddy turned him around, leaned him against the bar, and fucked his ass right there. Now that is dirty and Butch Dixon likes it nasty. Recently Dolan won the Mr. Eagle 2008 contest, so if you're in London, you might want to check out The Eagle and see if Dolan is hanging about � you might even apply for that boyfriend position he was talking about. In this video, Dolan squats down on a giant dildo and makes it disappear up his ass. And he's a very talented man. With a fat dildo buried up his ass, Dolan shoots a geyserous, thick wad of cum � fuck, he almost hit my camera!

Cast: Dolan Wolf

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