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Doryan Marquet and Thomas Thoun

Wow, we’re keeping it naaaasty and super gonzo with this very intimate looks at two over sexed perverts, the stunning big dicked top, Doryan Marquet, and what a delicious member that is, oversized and such a tasty foreskin - and his willing, oh-so-willing sub boy the very bendy Thoun, imagine being able to suck your own dick - as you’ve got a massive uncut dick up your arse, I mean - you’d be all set for life. Thoun grabs handfuls of wrinkles foreskin, dragging his stiff dick into his own mouth, tonguing the helmet of his own cock under this skin polo neck. Its all very energetic and acrobatic, with Thoun bent double as Doryan unloads thick, juice jizz right into the cleft of his butt hole so it all runs up his freshly fucked cunt!

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