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Bairon Hell and Antonio Miracle

We're bring on the burly buggers, Spain's finest fuckers and two personal crushes of mine ( and everyone at the UKNM office) Tall, dark, hairy, hung and oversexed Bairon Hell makes a welcome return, I just luv lying between his thick, muscular legs for those 'oh so intimate' penetration shots, its a dirty job.... And Antonio Miracle is a totally handsome cock-jockey, he rides 'em like a winner. These tattooed lover boys pull their T shirts up over their broad, shoulders and strip right down. ( really luv watching that tight material coming off, I think I have a kink!) Antonio can't wait to get that dick inside him and slurps the uncut meat to rigid attention, bends over the sofa and glances back over his shoulder to see Bairon's eyes lighting up as his hands spread Antonio's cheeks. Hold on hunk he's gonna ride that hole into sopping submission !!

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