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Leon XXL and Flo Carrera

I've always had a thing for dark, handsome, hairy guys, must've been all those waiters on foreign holidays in my formative years. Leon XXL is by name and anatomy - DAMN WELL ENDOWED , and if you're looking to say that in French its 'bien monte' 'BM' for short. Leon's got everything you could want in a Spanish top, apart from that really huge dick he's a mean looking fucker and though he's treating you rough - you're gonna luv it. Flo Carrera is a super sexy, bearded versatile guy, with an appetite for big cocks the bigger the better and he rides this raw pole like a pro, sliding right up and right down the glistening length like an indecisive fireman. Leon slam dunks his hotties hole and then pulls the wet slab of meat out and jack out a thick, steaming load into Flo's handsome face and eager open mouth. So much bareback, so much foreskin !

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