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Max Hardacre and Dave London

OI VAY and may i add OI CARAMBA, Dave London, has been a sexy-show-off-favourite of ours for a long time, big dick, obviously LUVS his 'work' and always a great performer and then suddenly Max Hardcore lands like a blonde, rippling neutron bomb of rigid, uncut-cock-slurping deliciousness, don't tell me you wouldn't?! LIAR. He's absolutely fucking scrumptious, oh to get my hot damp palms around his slender waist, heading up to this stiff sensitive nipples, up further to brush his lips and then down, down, down for the rest of the evening! All this and this pale, piercing blue eyes and then God ( or the devil) blessed him with that big, thick uncircumcised dick. No wonder Dave is smiling so broadly! The lads are naked and licking each other's dicks within second - i mean these guys were chomping at the bit. Dave is down with his legs up, for this all bareback beaut of a scene and he's giving it up big style, sit back gents and wait as David's tight arse ripples and slides and ripples and slides swallowing that solid seven inches right up to those heaving balls!

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