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Paolo & Toro Tyrk

A new year - a new crush, remember those sexy foreign guys you lusted after ( often waiters on family holidays - remember them, or was it just me?) We've shot Paolo a few times and he's stunning hottie bottom boy but just add tanned and bearded Toro Tyrk to the exotic mix and HOT DAMN! Hairy, brawny, sexy, hung and of course uncircumcised - we know you luv them foreskins! Toro is sexy, tattooed, bearded, sweaty lad who luvs a hot session with a willing sub, when he's pulled his own pants down and pushed Paolo's head to his burgeoning cock he starts thrusting that hot meat into Paolo's beautiful lips (oh those lips!). Paolo spit sucks that stiff dark meat, and that cock is like a rock in seconds, then its Toro's turn to explore Paolo's taut, muscular body, Toro licks his sweaty armpits, getting a good sniff of that man scene and then he's in for the kill, spreading those firm ass cheeks and diving into that musky, sweaty hole, licking and tongue-tunnelling into Paolo's tight sphincter. Paolo moans with pleasure feeling his muscles give to Toro's thrusting tongue. We get in good and close to those unshaved, unplucked holes and poles as Paolo spreads and bends to Toro's stiff dick. YUM, real men, real passion, then Toro sits back and lets Paolo ride that dick like a true dick slut, as he reaches around and brushes his hands over Paolo's sensitive nipples and together they fuck and buck to throbbing squirting climaxes, YOWZER!

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