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Max Duran & Dani Basch

We've been a big fan of cutie - Max Duran for several years, he's always a pleasure to shoot, a total cock-pig and a real exhibitionist, so when we gave him the run of the ButchDixon stable for a scene partner he asked if he could introduce a new lad - Dani Basch, YUM - we jumped at the chance. Its a steamy scene with Dani eager to impress - this dark, sexy, hung, uncircumcised lad certainly made an impression on us, he's even sexier in real life with a totally masculine, swaggering gait - you KNOW he's a horny top who always leaves his bottom boys in a sodden, sated ruin. Max drops to his knees to suck on that juicy, dark dick and shining, spit-slick helmet, wrapping his lips and talented tongue around the swelling member and those 'OH-SO-SENSITIVE- areas that the foreskin protects, Dani's going nuts and props Max over the steps to dive face first into his tight, aching butt hole. Max moans with pleasure as he feels his sphincter opening to that probing tongue. Dani's a connoisseur and open up that already willing hole like an expert, pushing spit up his ass with his tongue until Max is begging for every inch and pushing back for more as Dani's swollen nuts slap against that hot opening. Max knows his men and Danis knows how to please, this ones a geyser of pleasure as the frantic, hairy, sweaty lads fuck their way to a satisfying, spunky climax. Looks like Max is gonna be on the bus home with another satisfyingly wet patch in his pants!

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