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Leo Domenico and Riley Coxx

Leo & Riley had met a few days before the shoot for a 'coffee' (turns out that's gay-speak for fuck), they'd been flirting online for weeks and couldn't wait for the shoot, so when they arrived, they were comfortable together and eager to continue where they left off. I wanted to see Leo Domenico in leather, he has a great body and a strong, thick cock which I knew would look so good packaged in leather jeans, we headed to my playroom dungeon and dressed bottom-boy Riley in nothing but a small jock, ready to take a pounding. I hadn't seen Riley since a solo shoot we did about a year ago and was looking forward to seeing him in action, so with Leo's torso framed perfectly by the harness, I finally let them at each other - boom! What follows is intense and sweaty, Leo's huge, powerful load drenches and sore and satisfied Riley, already wet with his own cum. I love scenes like this.

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