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Zack Hood and Erik Lenn

AY YI YI, we finally got them together the two biggest, burliest bigger on the block - Zack Hood and Erik Lenn - AND its Erk who's going down for a dicking! Erik might be a mean looking fukker but he's no match for Zack Hood - I mean really - would anyone take on, six foot and then some of broad and burly Zack? BUT I do think Erik gave in a little too readily and lifted his hard muscular leg a little too willingly for that fat, dark, uncut cock, (yum so much likeable, nibble-able foreskin). Erik's tight hole gets a right royal pumping, it was tight when he arrived but by the time he's on the bus for home he's sitting - smug as the cat who got the cream - in a satisfyingly soggy spunk patch !

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