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Bruno Turbo and Rico Fatale

Duration: min | Released: November 13, 2019

Butch was made for daddies and this new recruit is a fine FINE example of daddy hood. Lets have warm welcome for Daddy Bruno Turbo and of course a very welcome return to that sexy, tight, succulent young whipper snapper - Rico Fatle ( who i'm sure appreciates his daddy just as much as we do) These fine young men ( some less young than others) can't wait to strip off in the summer heat and get down to some cock-slurping, Rico is down on his knees before you can say 'cum-dumpster' sucking on that uncircumcised joint like there's no tomorrow. This boy LUVS cock and he LIVS them raw up his boy-hole. Bruno ploughs that tight, but well-fucked furrow, clamping both uncut kicks in his fist and yanking them until Rico is begging him to stop. Its a hot hot scene!


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