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Douglas Smith and Gianni Maggio

FFS, we know you like big uncut cocks, everyone likes big uncut cocks but Gianni Maggio ( who you might remember from a Christmas Meme) has got a fucking huge, uncut raw cock, I hope Douglas Smith knew what he was taking on! Oi Caramba. These sexy strapping lads are dressed down to the 9s, there's not a lot of clothes, but the little there is, is very sexy, and it can barely contain sexy, bearded top ( what else could he be) Gianni, cop an eye full, mouthful, arse full of that beauty. Douglas is gam and takes as much of it down his throat as he can, but it just keeps coming. Its a pleasurable pain watching plucky Mr Smith taking the whole bareback length up his fuck-chute in the sling, but once its in there our take-it-like-a-man sub lad is happy as a spunky sand boy!

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