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Frank Valencia and Danny Robles

OOOOOOOh daddy, 2 of my favourites - a very warm hand for Dani Robles, making his steaming debut at Butch Dixon, and our favourite sexy, bi, show off Frank Valencia is back to put Dani through his paces and sort out those hairy sexy buns Valencia style. Its a sleazy pick up and Frank on the offensive, picking up, stripping down and eating out in one swift movement. Frank makes a feast of Danis, succulent, sweaty hole. Dani's ramped up and ready for some cock, but Frank wants to see that handsome face at his crotch with his big, uncut cock sliding in and out of those juicy, kissable lips. Frank lies back as Dani straddles his throbbing meat, slowly, sliding deep into Dani's tight, hirsute hole, and when Dani's ridden that uncircumcised pole its time for Frank to turn this stud around ( shame - I'd like to see Dani's handsome, face as I ploughed him) but Frank wants to get in there DEEEEEP !

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