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Iker Crown and AdayTraun

The party is going outside and these Spanish hunks don't waste anytime, in Britain you can be wandering around for ages up on Hampstead Heath - before you get any dick ( So I've heard). Day Traun and Iker Crown meet with a great big tongue sandwich kiss, and its down to their knees straight from here. Iker is a keen cock suck and well skilled in his passion as Aday's stiff prick is testimony. The boys yank up T-shirts and wriggle down their track bottoms to get well stuck in for a sleazy, alfresco, bend-over-and-take-it fuck. Lucky, plucky Iker gets a good hard ploughing as Aday thrusts deep inside his hot buns, making sure he's stuffed every inch of dark uncut dick right up in there. Yum. Then when he's finished fucking that tight boy-hole he wanks out a creamy load all over Iker's fat, uncircumcised dick. BUT Iker's thing is sucking cock, so he kneels down and takes that tender member in his mouth as he shoots all over the first floor !

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