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Josh Moore and Billy Santos

OY GEVER, these two juicy, hunky strapping studs are back with a good quart of spunk and enough foreskin to keep you nibble, licky, foreskin levin lads satisfied. Josh Moore is the handsome, dirty blonde with a streak of ginger in his hair, his beard and his colouring which makes his smooth as a peach, butt hole glow pink with passion - ( no really they do) And the head of his cock is vivid, pink purple just crying out for tongue, lips and throat. Tall dark, stunning and swarthy Billy Santoro is the tall, dark man with the big, uncircumcised stick and a hard, muscular arse to bang it in with. This guys are so oversexed it turns into a slutty versatile fuck with every available hole stuffed to capacity! ALL THIS and the extra sexy, suited cherry on our uniform cake - lets face it, there's nothing sexier than a man in uniform, especially when he's slipping out of that uniform. So sit back, unzip and watch Josh Moore getting fucked harder than the UK as it tries to wriggle out of the EU!

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