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Coldo Goran and Roman Tik

Oh YES, our nasty, shameful little gonzo series is kicking in hard as Roman Tik, ( really just look at that dirty blonde piggy, have you seen anyone luv a raw picking like that!) Koldo Goran is the cause of so much joy and when you see the monster that he's packing you'll understand why Roman is sweating, moaning and LUVING this hot fuck. Roman can't believe his eyes as he pulls down Koldo's pants and gets and eyeful, then a mouthful then an arse full of Koldo's BIG dick and when he sees the next lineup of models are watching he crawls over and starts sucking their dicks too ( this wasn't in the script and then everyone's taking turns on lucky, plucky, soon-to-be-spunky Roman!) All raw, all uncut, all spunkylicious! Yeah feed that cum-hungry sub your spunk!

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