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Max Bourne & John Decker

Ever since I clapped eyes on John Decker I've wanted to get him back, and on his back with those big hard legs up in the air and a bigger harder, uncut dick stuffed up his bareback-luvin' hole - didn't take long to get that set up. John is a push over ( flat onto his back) for a big, bruiser and Max Bourne is our favourite, shaven headed thug fucker. John and Max are working out and the sight of each others, flexing, pumping muscles is causing other muscles to flex and stiffen. John is on his knees and worshipping that swollen member faster than you can say 'bareback-cum-dump'. Max is a burly bloke with legs like arms, and a big appetite for raw hole, it doesn't take long for the hunks to strip off and start playing with each others long foreskins, then John's on his back on the work-out bench spreading his cheeks for a length of uncircumcised dick !

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