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Nikol Monak and Mitchell Jones

Hot bearded bum boys and YOWZER, these studs are a passionates pair of furry fuckers. Mitchell is back and its been a while since we've seen Nikol Monak, that hairy chinned daddy is always welcome. These men are stripped down in their hot attic bedroom, oh if only this was filmed in odourama, the scene of hot, sweaty hairy man, OI CARAMBA. Its no surprise that Mitchell is our eager beaver bottom boy, he's straight down to suck on that uncircumcised joint, he's an expert and soon has it at rigid attention. Mitchell wants his arse filled with raw dick, but not before daddy has head a wet, slobbery suck on his sweet, proud, young prick. Mitchell spreads his buns and hunkers down ready for the pleasurable pain of a throbbing, bareback dick, sliding deep, deep inside him!

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