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Nikol Monak & Logan Hawk

Its a another delicious, spicy mix of brawny, pale and bearded versus blonde, tanned and spunky as big, mean fucker Nikol Monak takes on and cums in lithe, ripped stunna Logan Hawk. Its a passionate festival of fuckery as these two handsome gents get down and do the nasty and not just for you, but because - as you can see they're horny as hell and totally into each other, Nikol is right into Logan!. These two juicy, uncircumcised dicks are throbbing and straining at their foreskins, blossoming like ripe fruit, as their glossy helmets protrude for hungry lips and teasing tongues. Logan gets those long, muscular legs spread pronto, welcoming ( begging ) Logan into his tight, hungry hole, he LUVS a bare cock pumping and straining at his sphincter and when he's taking on big boy Nikol he gets every inch he can take and that little bit more, the bit pushes him over into throbbing, spasming ecstasy!!

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