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Rafa Marco & Peyo Foute

Its hard to keep your mind on the job in hand when you've got Rafa Marco sitting opposite, so sexy newcomer Peyo Foute finds it best to get the distraction out of his system. Peyo is a cute little lad, which makes his huge, oversized cock even more surprising as he slides down his trousers and that big, chunk of meat flips up nearly taking Rafa's eye out. That doesn't stop our sexy, scrubbed pup sticking as much of that stiff, dark, uncut meat into his mouth as fast as he can. Rafa hoists his hottie over the desk and lifts his long, lean legs up high, gaining full access to Peyo's sweet, glistening fuck-hole. Rafa manoeuvres his girthy dick into place and slowly pushes his way into Peyo's tight, but blossoming, ailing hole, feeling the hot muscles grip and slide down his engorged shaft. YUM

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