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Our French correspondent is back, the filthiest man in France our Jess from the West coast. A word you might wanna learn if you like your boys mean ’n’ chavy - ‘Lascar', we’d call it rough trade. This is the ‘rough trade warehouse’, just incase you were following the story instead of fast forwarding to the part where …. rough stuff, Ricky Blu doesn’t even put down his cigarette as Breeze gets down on his knees and sucks that fat, uncut cock. Cute little Breeze is on his knees in the filth oblivious as he zones into Ricky’s massive, bloated, uncut dick. Thats one more thing we like about the French, uncircumcised cocks, YUM. There’s no room for romance here Ricky bends his man-cunt over and stuffs his fat dick right up the lads arse. pumping and fucking that hole until he’s ready to blow. And where better to shoot your spooge than in Breeze's handsome face, so beautiful you kinda wanna ruin it! Kepi’ it nasty French side! and if you have a smoking fetish - Ricky barely stops smoking through out - LASCAR!

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