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Teddy Taggart & Chase Acland

Smooth, fair skinned, jet-black hair and stunningly ripped and handsome - thats just sexy Teddy Toggart, when we add Chase Acland, ripped, hung, honey as hell, ginger, bearded and edible, ITS GETS STEAMY, But for all we're giving we have to take something away! - we took the condoms. These, stunning ripped studs are a truly, the stuff of wet dreams. Of course Teddy is on his knees in an instant, wouldn't you be with that donkey dick flopped inferno of your face? Both these oversized studs are rock hard in seconds. Their foreskins pulled back as they struggle to swallow each others, bloated bulbous cock heads. Chase might look like a hot piece of 'top' rough but this hunk is on his back spreading this beefy, unshaven cheeks for raw cock, before you can say cumdumpster. Teddy's in like Flynn pumping that cum squelchy hole for all he's worth until he can hold back no longer... ( and I'm pretty sure, by this time, you'll be ready to pop too!!!)

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