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Tony Banderas and Dominique Kenique

Oh daddy, this one is just too naughty, these two overly hung, hairy piggies going at it, like pistons, broad daylight, overlooking the gay playground of Gran Canaria. YUM, no clothes, just lots of foreskins and lots of sweaty, hairy bearded testosterone and of course dribbling steaming spunk. We haven't seen Dominique Kenique in a while and he's as insatiable as ever, Tony Banderas ( no relation I believe) is brand new and eager to impress. The studs strip down to nothing but beards, foreskin and sneakers and get right down and nasty on the mountain side. Tony Banderas is out big dick, daddy top and Dominique is our very eager-beaver bottom boy, he takes dick like a pro, bend and spread piggy!

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