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Zach Miro and Ivo Kerk

If you want tall, dark and handsome just get load of Ivo Kerk - a towering stud of sexual, alpha male proportions, and lucky, plucky super sexy Zach Miro is gonna get NAILED, bareback! Ivo is a great, hulking brute and when he's fucking you, you'll know all about it, WOW, thats a hunka man. Sexy, floppy haired blonde Zach Miro knows what he's getting into and is absolutely made up. He can't wait to suck that juicy tool and spread his hairy legs, to straddle Ivo's acreage of thigh.Zach lowers himself onto the raw cock and gets his hole good and ready sliding up and down its slithering length and then he lets Ivo hammer his sweet hole for all he's worth.

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