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Zack Hood & John Decker

Big, burly, brawny men going at it like pistons and not a condom in sight, yum, my favourite. Zack Hoods is a firm favourite, (bulging and firm) and handsome hunk John Decker is brand spanking new. John's a sexy lad, with a big dick and a very hungry, hard to please fuck-hole, luckily we have Zack on hand to plough this fucker like the cum dumpster he is. John is on his knees making sure that dick is stiff enough to give his arse a good stretching. It doesn't take long to get that meat stiff, filling his hot, wet mouth and poking down his throat as he attempts to deep throat its veiny girth. Then he's on his back, offering up his succulent hole for a spunky seeding. Zack's in like Flynn, using his massive, muscular bulk to just slide that meet into that back-door-delivery. He waits until John's pained expression has subsided and he's ready to be ready like a Bronco bull. These guys fuck-up a bareback storm, and while we're dealing with the 'best from the east', these two Eastern hunks will keep us warm.

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