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Zack Hood & Rico Fatale

Rico Fatale likes his men, broad, brawny and big downstairs, Zack Hood likes his boy, handsome, hung, horny, uncut and ready to take a throbbing raw cock and a juicy load - so this heavenly pairing was sure fire, heavy summer winner! Rico is nasty, especially when he's cock-focused - when he gets on his knees and he sees and all he wants is cock. Zack keeps the horny pup in hand and luvs the attention from the silver tongued cutie at his feet. Zack wants to see exactly what he's fucking, so he lays him out on his back, running his hands up and down Rico's hard, muscular legs as he spreads them and plunges his raw, uncircumcised dick deep into the moaning boys ass-hole. Rico luvs raw dick and wriggles down for every hot, throbbing inch of gristle to heat up his steaming fuck-chute!

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