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Aitor & Carlos

Carlos Caballero is one hot man. He's not hairy, but he's huge, solid and handsome with a big, uncut cock between his legs. I haven't seen him on video for a long time, so when Aitor said he could persuade Carlos back in front of the camera, I was there to shoot it. Carlos stands about 8 inches taller than Aitor (who's no small guy) he's a broad-shouldered, muscled hunk, and in full leather, complete with jackboots and moustache, he's everything Aitor asked for and more when he said he wanted to be dominated. Aitor's soon on his knees, worshipping Carlo's juicy uncut cock, licking his boots and ready to obey. Carlos throws Aitor in a sling and plays with his ass while smoking a fine Cuban cigar... which he slides into Aitor's ass (I swear I see a smoke ring at one point!) and twists gently. He's not so gentle with his cock though, slamming it all the way into Aitor and taking his breath away. He let's Aitor have every inch and his big balls are slapping on Aitor's ass as he fucks him hard and fast. When Aitor can take no more, he's given a faceful of cum from his master, before unloading onto Carlos's shiny jackboots, then licking them clean and swallowing it all down.

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