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Brad & Miles

Duration: 15 min 45 sec min | Released: March 12, 2011

When The Boxer's Assistant opens, beefy and hairy hunk Miles is returning from a boxing match. He's gone a few rounds in the ring at the boxing gym and now he's spent. He sits in a chair and his assistant, Brad Cole, starts removing Miles' boxing gloves. One of Miles' hands is also wrapped, so Brad carefully removed the bands from around Miles' wrist and hand, then tenderly massages Miles' sore hand. Brad gets down on his knees and continues massaging Miles' hand. When he stands, he's popping a huge tent in his shorts.Brad starts rubbing his shoulders, then slides his hands inside Miles' wifebeater and rubs them through Miles' hairy chest. Miles removes his shirt and catches a glimpse of Brad's stiff cock bulging in his shorts. After several minutes of necking, Brad falls to his knees and swallows the boxer's uncut cock. Brad Cole is a great cock sucker, he's really hot to watch. He deep throats, sucks Miles' cock head, and sucks on Miles' foreskin. He pays attention to the whole cock and he does it well.Miles bends Brad over and Brad hoists a leg up on the chair and the boxer chows down on Brad's rosebud, getting it good and wet. Then Miles slips his rock-hard dick inside Brad's ass. Brad takes it easily and it's not long before Miles is pounding Brad's ass hard. Brad grunts and groans and you can tell he's really enjoying it. These two horny bald men fall to the floor and Miles continues fucking Brad doggy style. Then Brad flips over on his back and Miles fucks him some more. Finally sensing that Miles is close to cumming, Brad gets on his knees and sucks Miles' cock again. Miles isn't really a shooter, great gobs of cum ooze out of his cock and Brad quickly laps up the thick load. Then Brad stands and jerks his dick. Just before Brad cums his cock head becomes really engorged and plump and then his massive load streams out of his cock and drops to the floor. It's delicious. Miles has been featured in a couple of other boxing-themed videos: Boxing Ring Threeway Sex and Gay Boxing Threeway.

Cast: Miles Bentley, Brad Cole

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