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Cowboys - Dillon & Angus

Angus was really anxious to fall into the hay with Dillon Buck and get to work on that huge, uncut cock. I could barely get the video camera fired up fast enough. Much to my surprise, Angus gives Dillon's cowboy boots a spit shine with his tongue. While Dillon watched, the well-hung cowboy fished out that monster dick of his and started stroking it hard. By the time Dillon's boots are cleaned up real good, his uncut cock is rock hard � look at that beautiful banana curve. Angus moves in and starts licking it and teasing Dillon. But Dillon knows how to handle a cock tease. He lies back in the hay, grabs his fat dick, and summons Angus to sit on it. Angus inches on to Dillon's fat cock, impaling his fuck hole slowly until his ass makes room for this mammoth tool. When Angus is buried to the balls, Dillon lives up to his name and starts bucking up into this young cowboys tight hole. Dillon rewards Angus showering his chest, neck, and chin with his huge load of spunk.

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