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Drake & Robin

Drake and Robin open up this scene as two men in leather - no story - they're just getting it on. There's a lot of kissing, nipple sucking, and armpit nuzzling in the first few minutes. Drake releases Robin's cock from his leather pants. It's a nice one! I loved watching Drake roll his tongue around Robin's fat cockhead. Robin keeps groping Drake's cock through his jeans and finally fishes it out. Robin swallows all 9 inches right down to the balls. The guys carry on slobbering and in some interesting positions on the platform. Robin is sitting on the box and Drake stands over him; bending over to suck Robin's stiff cock, Drake pushes his ass into Robin's face. I love creative 69ing! Until now, Drake has done all the fucking on Butch Dixon. But in this scene, it's Drake who takes the first bone. Robin bends him over and slides his bulbous nob into Drake's hairy hole. And after dicking him good, Robin takes his turn riding Drake's 9-inch cock. The cumshot is impressive with Drake squatting over Robin and jerking off while Robin chows down on his manhole, suddenly Robin is covered in a shower of cum! It's an awesome load. Way to go, Drake!

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