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U-John & Yohann

I love it when a scene really comes together, and this one with bearded men John and Yohann Banks really sizzles. Yohann is a sexy Polish guy who has been living in London for a while now. John did some filming back in Butch Dixon's first year. Yohann is washing a new dildo in the kitchen sink when John arrives from his job as a construction worker. He hugs Yohann from behind and asks his lover is doing. "I bought a new toy," Yohann says, then John asks, "Would you like the real thing?" The bearded men start kissing at the sink and Yohann fishes out John's cock and sucks it. Yohann is really into it and he holds John's thick uncut cock tightly in his fist, then looks into the camera with a deliciously dirty look on his face.After swapping blowjobs, Yohann hoists his leg on the kitchen counter and John rims his hairy hole, finger fucks him, and then fucks his ass. After along fuck, Yohann lies back on the counter and John fucks him some more. Then Yohann wants to try his new dildo out on John's ass. I love this part of the scene because Yohann kisses and bites John's ass as he plunging this big dildo into the bearded muscle man's ass. Then Yohann bends John over the counter and fucks him with his stiff uncut cock.When the men are ready to cum, John kneels on the floor. His hairy body is covered in sweat and he's jerking his big-nobbed dick furiously. He dumps his load all over the floor and even squirts some jizz on Yohann's bare foot. Yohann isn't very far behind and while John is still panting, Yohann's cock erupts and he spews his load of ropey cum all over John's hairy chest. When Yohann's finished cumming, he wipes his cummy cock on John's bearded. This is a hot one.

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