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Mikel & Pedro

When this video opens, Pedro is pissing at a urinal in a public bathroom. I get in close with my camera and give you a good look at his Prince Albert piercing hanging heavily from his uncut cock. Pedro is jacking his cock when Mikel enters the bathroom. Mikel's wearing a leather vest and jockstrap, and he joins Pedro at the urinal; the two men start jacking off together. Standing side-by-side, asses hanging out of their jockstraps, these hairy men jack off until their cocks are rock hard. And you're going to love Mikel's dick�it's a super fat fucker. The men start swapping blowjobs right there in the bathroom. Sex in a real public bathroom would have been a little hard to manage, and when's the last time you've seen two men bareassed in jockstraps in a public washroom? But we managed to secure this washroom in a London bar and we had the afternoon to play in a long sex scene. The guys get into swapping blowjobs right there in front of the urinals. Then Pedro leans against the wall and offers his ass to Mikel. And this is when we get a really good look at this super hairy man. Mikel gets down on his knees and eats out Pedro's beefy ass. As Mikel chows down, we get to study his hairy back and very hairy legs. He gets Pedro's fuck hole warmed up and finger fucks him vigorously. Then Mikel bends Pedro over the sink and starts inching that thick dick inside Pedro's inviting asshole. Mikel pounds Pedro mercilessly, and then, Mikel sits back on the floor while Pedro mounts his cock and impales himself on that fat monster. With Pedro facing away, Mikel can't see Pedro cum, but Mikel starts to groan when Pedro's thick load of spunk falls onto Mikel's bare feet. When Pedro is finished cumming, he gets on his knees and blows Mikel until the hairy stud spews his load all over Pedro's face.

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