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Pedro & George

Duration: 17 min 10 sec min | Released: September 18, 2011

Put two of your most powerful tops with the most wonderful personalities together, ask one to turn tale and you're in for an interesting shoot, but I didn't reckon on just how much these two stags would lock horns. I was unsure if they were going to fuck or fight for a while, so it was a relief when Pedro finally relented and offered up his hairy ass for some uncut cock action. George took full advantage of course, and we know what an animal George can be when he's in charge... but then came the biggest surprise, as Mister Top aka George Sauvage is suddenly flipping (a thing I thought I'd never see) and before you know it, he's got over 8 inches of Pedro deep inside him. As Pedro's nuts are slapping against George's ass and he's groaning in delight, I'm thinking the long haul to get these two together has definitely been worth it.

Cast: Georges Sauvage, Pedro Paliza

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