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Raul & Eddie

If you like watching a hungry cocksucker devouring a big cock, you're in for a treat. Eddie Butler is a sexy, bald man; and this hairy cocksucker loves servicing dick. Raul Marcos is a bald, Spanish hunk with a whopping 9-inch cock. And across this 30-minute video, Eddie spends a great deal of time sucking Raul's huge dick. (See more of this sexy redhead.)The scene opens with Eddie picking up Raul on the street and they head back to Eddie's place. They're no sooner in the door and locked in a passionate kiss; and then, they can't get the clothes off fast enough. There's not much dialogue or dirty talk in this video because Raul doesn't speak much English. But who needs him to talk, this Spanish hunk has a beautifully long and thick uncut dick, and Raul has found a hairy cocksucker who just can't get enough of it. Raul doesn't spend a whole lot of time giving Eddie any lip service; but I guess that comes with having a huge cock. Every time you pull your dick out of your pants your partners all falling to their knees to worship it. (I know I would!) And Eddie doesn't seem to mind anyway; this hairy man loves sucking dick.Raul does getting off eating ass and he spends some times between Eddies cheeks before pushing his huge tool into Eddie's fuck hole. And the one thing that I loved about Raul was that he spends a fair bit of time teasing Eddie. Raul slides his big, stiff cock between Eddie's well-greased butt cheeks and he fucks his ass crack for a long time before finally plunging his cock deep inside Eddie's rosebud. When Eddie finally takes it all he let's out a little "Holy fuck! That's big" kind of gasp, and then, an "OMG! That feels so good" kind of groan. Raul pounds Eddie's hole for a good long time and finally jerks off all over the hairy man's pecs. While Raul uses his still-stiff cock to smear his load all over Eddie's chest, the hairy cocksucker jerks himself off and spews a thick, creamy load. And check out the companion photo gallery: Huge Dick Sex.

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