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Rob & Billy

I lost track of Rob. For no reason other than people get busy and forget to stay in touch. And then, a few months ago, Rob got a hold of me; he'd seen Butch Dixon and loved it, and he was wondering if I was interesting in shooting some video with his fuck buddy. It's always a treat to film fuck buddies going at it because they have history together; there's no feelings of discomfort or a getting-to-know you period before the action turns hot ? and sometimes, it never does. So with these two hairy fuck buddies, I was pretty sure we were in for a hot time. Billy is just as hot as Rob: thinning up top, but wearing a full beard and his solid body is covered in hair; neither Rob or Billy seem to work out, but they're both in decent shape. While Rob's packing an uncut dick, Billy is cut. And Billy is also the bottom in this fuck-buddy relationship. He devours Rob's cock and can't wait to feel it invading his hairy fuck hole. Billy rewards Rob for such a good ass fucking by blasting a thick load of spunk across Rob's face. Then Billy continues to feed Rob his cock while the hairy man jacks off and sends a spray of cum across his hairy belly and chest.

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