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KLUNK - THUD, thats me fainting, for the cutest, sexiest guy we've shot in ages. I kinda always thought i'd like those big, burly, hairy dominant tops but this guy is just so sweet, shy and sexy, instant 'falling in lust/luv' material. Benji is a hairy, totally masculine young man AND the cream on this tasty beef cake = he has a thing for old, pale, big-bellied white guys, 45 plus WOW, This heavy cummer, pale-eyed, hairy, sexy hottie is an ''old-and-chubby'' chaser, so we're not just shooting a scorching hot, fucking adorable guy we're also proving 'there is a god'. Sit back gents and lose yourselves in the pale, dazzling eyes, toned, tanned skin, rock hard throbbing cock and utterly winning, sexy manner of - Benji. (Yep total crush on this guy - if you're wondering)

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