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Axel & Marco

These guys were absolutely stunning, perfect examples of the Butch Dixon, hairy, masculine man. The massive Belgian bulk of Axel Ryder smashed into Marco De Brute on the long loft table. Most men couldn't take that huge, uncut cock, but Marco De Brute was absolutely insatiable. He and Axel sucked on each other's fat tools, and slurped out each other's hairy holes, before Marco got on the table and lifted his legs, begging for hot meat sliding inside him. Axel is a total top and has the looks of a real mean thug, (the kind of guy that if you met him in a cruising area you'd never be sure if he was going to punch you or suck your dick!) Marco was really into him and took that fat, veiny dick like the pig he is, they fucked up a hairy, sweaty frenzy until they were growling in ecstasy, shooting hot cum all over each other. A personal favourite with two of our most burly, beary, hot guys. You're gonna luv this one!

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