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Charlie - Video

Charlie has fantasized for a long while about making his first gay porn video. "It's something I've always wanted to do," he says. He's studying to become a personal trainer, so he thought that he might get two birds with one stone: fulfill a fantasy to make a gay porn video and take the money he earned from it and put it towards his personal training certification. Cool! Butch Dixon really does make fantasies cum true.And Charlie jumped in with both feet. He was fresh off a threesome-sex scene we just filmed with Aaron Cage and Dean Monroe, and since we were dealing with a military theme in that video, Charlie kept his camouflage gear for this solo shoot. I really tried to nail down Charlie's taste in men, but for him, it's about the man and not a type. He said, "I always thought that I only liked hairy guys, but I've seen a lot of those guys over at UK Naked Men and they're pretty hot." And certainly he experienced that first hand in the video we just filmed: Dean Monroe isn't very hairy at all, but Aaron Cage is a hairy hunk of man.Charlie doesn't care if a man is cut or uncut, so long as the guy pays attention to Charlie's nipples. They're quite sensitive and he loves having someone play with them. But Charlie has another sensitive spot on his body: his balls. He loves having a man licking and chewing his balls. "It's the best way to finish me off," Charlie says. Speaking of which, Charlie is quite the cummer. I love watching all the different ways that men cum and Charlie's cumshot is unique. Instead of several streams of cum jetting out of Charlie's cock, this stud just dumps it all out there in one big throw. Splatt! And his chest is covered in spunk. And just when you're about to say, "Is that it, then?" another spurt comes squirting out. And Charlie groans with pleasure. Enjoy it boys!

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