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Cristian Torrent

I love it when a man really gets into his jack off session. I'm so endless bored of guys sitting on a couch jacking their uninterested cocks while they watch a porn video set up behind the photographer. But Cristian Torrent's video is definitely not one of those kinds of jack off sessions. And man, does he let loose with a a noisy orgasm. He starts off wearing a wrestling singlet, and he reaches both hands inside his gear and massages his cock and balls. He teases us, showing off his big bulge; and as he gets more and more excited, a droplet of precum stains the fabric. When he finally strips out of his singlet, he mounts a white box that I've placed in the center of the floor. He rubs his cock all over that box. What a beautiful dick � big, fat, and uncut. He spits on his dick and smears his saliva around with his finger, even fucking his piss slit with his pinky. Then Cristian sits back on the box and starts jacking his fat dick furiously. He pumps his cock with one hand and fingers his hairy fuck hole with another. When he started grunting and groaning very loudly, I figured he was ready to shoot his load any second; but he continued jacking his cock hard for another couple of minutes; finally shooting one of the noisiest orgasms I've seen in a while. He sits up and dumps a huge load of juice all over my studio floor, and I loved watching his body spasm for several minutes after he finished shooting.

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