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Cristian & Max

Cristian Torrent and Max are working out in the gym. A couple of boxers (one gay and one straight) and they're both wearing boxing trunks and gloves and are working at opposite ends of the gym. Something has just happened before the cameras get rolling and when the scene opens, Cristian (the straight man) storms over to Max (the gay boxer) and starts giving him lip. These two boxers start pushing each other around, Max takes a couple of swings at Cristian. Cristian challenges him to a match and the bixing gloves come off. Max jumps Cristian and wrestles him to the ground, and then, Max starts ripping Cristian's boxing trunks off. This really gets Cristian angry because he's not interested in any gay man touching his ass. (What can I say? It makes things a little more interesting and we do love playing dress up, don't we?) But Max gets the upper hand and starts smacking Cristian's bare ass. When Max gets a look at Cristian's big uncut cock, he's just got to have a mouthful of foreskin. After getting Cristian's cock good and hard this gay boxer puts Cristian down on his knees and feeds the reluctant cock sucker a big mouthful of dick. And what a mouthful! Max has a delicious long dick with a super fat cock head. Cristian tries resisting, but not for long. And later, after swapping blowjobs, Cristian ends up down on all fours and Max starts working over his hairy ass, first with a dildo and then with that huge dick of his. With over 30 minutes of hard, ass-pounding action, you're probably going to need two cum towels. And if you'd like to see the other side of Cristian, check out Who's the Boss and watch him dominate one of his construction workers. It's a hot fucking video.

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