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Dillon Brooks

Dillon Brooks is a horny, redhead guy with a big dick. He's got a scruffy beard and a deep voice. He's 25 years old and works in marketing and moved to London a couple of years ago from north England. He's enjoying London life and says that he goes out too much and can tend to party just a little too hard. Dillon likes older men and he prefers his men hairy. He also likes shorter men. He stands over 6-feet tall and since he's an exclusive top, he likes towering over the men he's going to fuck.This redhead guy says that he loves it best when a man mounts him and sits on his cock. "If I can watch them cum on my chest while they're riding my cock, then that makes me cum two seconds later." And Dillon says he cums a lot. "It kind of scares people sometimes," he adds.Dillon is a strawberry blond and he's got very hairy legs, but because his body hair is so fair, it's not immediately noticeable. But if you look closely, you'll see it. He's got a big pair of low-hanging balls and they're very sensitive.So Dillon sits up on my kitchen counter and starts jerking his big cock. It's a nice piece of meat, long and thick. I'm eager to see if this redhead guy really does cum a lot or whether that's just all talk and bravado. My poor kitchen is really seeing a lot of action these days, I just posted a hot suck and fuck session that I filmed in my kitchen with two Bearded Men Fucking on my counters. I go through a lot of anti-bacterial wipes, but it's worth it.Dillon jerks his cock and plays with a beaded sleeve that he slides over his long, stiff cock. And this seems to do the trick. While squatting on the counter, he lets his cum load fly through the air and it splatters onto the floor below. Did he cum a lot? He sure did. It's a beautiful fountain of watery jizz and it's flying everywhere.

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