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Straight personal trainer Fabricio has been sculpting his body since he was 15. Now 29, he has that perfectly proportioned torso that only the truly dedicated acheive and as I let my camera roam over every inch, I'm very impressed. He's friendly and relaxed - more than me even, and we're soon talking about all kinds of things, while he gently strokes his uncut cock, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the swelling head as it rises to attention. Talking sex and getting off with another guy watching can be a pretty strange experience for a straight guy who's only posed for a few photos before, and Fabricio was worried he might find it difficult, but before long he's relaxed right into it (and ok, I'm massaging his ego a little...) and his rock hard cock is twitching and throbbing as he stares into my lens and his breathing gets louder... he looks almost surprised to have shot an impressive load and a big, sexy smile breaks accross his face. Pure man, pure sex.

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