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Hot J Video

Duration: 18 min 5 sec min | Released: April 11, 2009

Okay, so Hot J is a little younger than the usual hoard of masculine men I bring you, but I just couldn't resist showing off his fat, uncut cock. I have a weakness for Spanish hunks and Latino guys, they're almost always packing juicy, thick, foreskinned dicks. Hot J gets right down to business in this video. He appears in the camera frame and immediately starts peeling out of his clothes. He's wearing a muscle shirt and it shows off his beautifully sculpted arms. When Hot J pulls the shirt over his head, we're treated to that gorgeous hairy chest of his. He works out and takes good care of his body, but you won't notice his six pack abs until the shirt is over his head and his abs flex tight. Hot J fishes his fat cock out of his underwear and immediately starts playing with his foreskin � you'd think I coached him or something. :) His foreskin is loose and slides easily up and down his thick shaft. After giving us a few minutes of jacking off, Hot J turns around, hoists his leg on a box, and lets us gaze at his hairy butt. And the tease even plays with his fuck hole. And you're going to have plenty of time to watch Hot J in this 18-minute video. His vigorous and generous cumshot is definitely worth the wait!


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