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Jack Saxon Solo Video

When I opened my studio door and saw beefy rugby player Jack Saxon standing there, I sucked a little wind. He's quite a hot chunk of man; and although I had seen his audition photos, there's nothing quite like seeing a hot man in person for the first time. Jack had just come from a rugby match and he had his gear with him. So I invited him inside and we started his interview and jerk-off session. Jack likes big, muscular hairy men "real men" and he's a total top. "I've got a nice curved cock to hit a man's g-spot," Jack says proudly. And he does at that 7.5 inches of meaty and curved delight, and uncut. He tugs and pulls at his foreskin as we're talking. He loves kissing and passion; and although his own nipples aren't particularly sensitive, he does enjoy playing with a man's nipples ... for a long time. He also really gets off on rimming and loves it when a man spreads his butt cheeks and sits on his face.He also gets off having sex with a couple and fucking one of the guys while the other watches. He's quite fond of all-night sessions and says he's got the stamina to pull them off. One of his other favourite things is watching guys cumming - yeah, mine too! Jack peels out of his white jockstrap and now this beefy rugby player is completely naked. His thighs are big and strong, as is his ass, and Jack sets about jerking his meaty uncut cock. And it's not long before we see that curved cock he was talking about. Nice! When Jack is ready to blow his load he shoots all over his rugby balls. And you guessed it, he licks it all up. Hot, Jack, very hot! See Jack's photo gallery Naked Rugby Player.

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