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Jake Marcs

I was thrilled to get leather man Jake Marcs in my studio. He's a sexy, hairy man who loves to get fucked. And I love a man who isn't afraid to say that bottoming is the best thing since the invention of lube. None of this "I'm versatile" crap, just "I love getting fucked." And whether he's dildo fucking himself or taking it doggy style from a hot, hairy leather man, Jake Marcs is in heaven: "I love getting fucked. There's something about someone or a toy being inside you ... you just can't beat that. I find that resourceful, aggressive scenario really appealing." And this is Jake's first time performing on video, but you wouldn't know it. There's not a hint of nervousness; but then, this leather man loves being watched, adores being naked in clubs, and even gets into some group sex scenes in the clubs. After telling us a bit about himself, Jake lies back, hoists his legs in the air, and starts inching a dildo into his shaved fuck hole. Jake is definitely a pro when it comes to dildo fucking � the big, black dildo slid so easily inside him. And after he warmed up his butt hole, Jake squatted on a huge, tower-like dildo and made most of it disappear. It was so hot watching creamy butt juice and lube sliding out of him as his rosebud opened up to receive this montrous dildo. If you like watching dildo fucking, this video is going to inspire you to go out and buy a bigger and better dildo or butt plug. And his cumshot ...Jake shot a fountainous load of cum; it literally sprayed everywhere � he even got me a little wet as I lied on the floor filming his final moment. Video length: 13:37

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