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Julian Alex Video

Julian Alex comes off a bit shy as I talk to him on camera. It's partitally that English isn't his first language, but this is also his first time jacking off on camera; and having some bloke ask you a bunch of questions while you've got your dick in your hand would make anyone a little nervous. Julian is a good-looking, 31-year-old Frenchman. He's gay and hails from the south of France. He's wearing two day's growth on his face � I love that look � and he's got the sexiest doe-brown eyes. Confession time, guys: I love this guy. I mean not just in a "isn't he hot?" kind of way, but this hairy Frenchman makes my heart do a little pitter patter. Oh well, it comes with the territory; but it does make it rather challenging at times to concentrate on photographing and filming some of these men I bring to you. Julian is wearing a pair of white athletic shorts, knee-high red socks, and sneakers. After we're done talking, he slips out of his shorts; his fat cock and balls hang heavily in his jockstrap. By the time Julian fishes his cock out of the jockstrap cup, it's already rock hard. It's a fat fucker, not terribly long, but big enough to do some damage. A fat cock is always more fun to feast on in my books. For the next few minutes, Julian pumps his uncut cock in his fist and fingers his juicy fuck hole. I crawl under his hairy legs and point the camera upwards as Julian inserts first one, then two, and finally, three fingers inside his hole. Julian loves getting fucked, and during his interview he recounted a story about his hottest fuck session: For eight hours he and this man started fucking in the garage, worked their way up the stairs, and after several more stops along the way, ended up on the roof for some outdoor fucking. Back in the studio, Julian works up a thick load of spunk and splatters it all over his crotch. It's good!

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