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Marco de Brute

Marco de Brute hasn't appeared on Butch Dixon for a few months, but he's back with a bang. Marco loves getting his ass plugged. And when there are no men around to help fill his need, Marco just digs into his chest of toys. This jack off video finds Marco hanging out in a workshop. He's feeling horny and his eyes scan the workshop looking to see what he can shove up his ass. He eventually finds the toy box I've left for him. But first he climbs up on the workbench and starts stroking his cock. I love Marco de Brute's cock. It's not tremendously long, which isn't a problem for me, I prefer my dicks thicker than longer. And Marco's is packing some girth. He's got his cock and balls stuffed into a thick, metal cock ring, which plumps things up even more. Marco greases up his thick cock and balls and works them over in his fist. And then, when he's hungering for a stiff dick up his ass, he removes his cock ring. He grabs a huge beaded dildo, plunges it to the workbench, and starts lowers his hairy ass onto it. Marco's only able to impale himself halfway down � yes, it's that big � so he grabs another much more manageable dildo. And he slides that fucker home. The look of pure pleasure on his face is such a turn-on. And when you see the load of thick spunk he empties out of his tight balls, you'll know he's loving it, too!

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